setting an intention

Surface Level Intention

Something you want more of, less of, to get rid of etc.  Example: “I want more self love

Intermediate Intention

Why don’t you love yourself? This includes all the reasons why you feel “blocked” from loving yourself. It is the conscious reasons that make you feel resistant to loving yourself. Example: “I don’t feel good or pretty enough”

Deep Intention

The ROOT cause of all the perceived reasons and blockages that are rooted in childhood traumas or beliefs that were validated during adolescence and became subconscious patterns and behaviors in adulthood that may be unknown to your conscious mind. These are all the repressed feelings and emotions that become so familiar and normal that we accept them as a “part of life”. Example: “I was ignored as a child and became a perfectionist to try and get noticed, but that perfectionism comes as a result of sacrificing who I really am just to be seen”

Kambo and Intention

Kambo is most powerful with deep intentions.

Connecting to the root of your issues during ceremony allows for more profound clearing and results. During our session we explore your intention and go deep, finding the root and alchemizing it so it no longer manifest and learn to recognize and identify the patterns so you no longer call the energy back.




“The most powerful thing you can believe in, is YOU, trust in the magick of your heart”

The power of Intention is the power to create and to manifest a life of unlimited potential and to attract into our lives the right people, places, circumstances, and experiences for the growth of our evolution. We are the creators, sustainers, and destroyers of our reality.


Intention is purpose, how we wish to show up and be present in this life. How we would like to feel and to be. To make our intention as real as possible we should be as clear as possible using all of our senses. When setting intentions it is important to focus on the intention in unity with our heart and feel into what it feels like as if it is already here. When you continue to hold on to a problem and feel into the problems it works against us. This is why maintaining focus on how we desire to feel is important.

When we combine intention with elevated emotions, we align our words, thoughts, and actions, and pave the way for manifestation by creating energetic imprints in our state of being. Our attitude reflects the energy of our intention. Science has proven that when we hold an impression of what we wish to experience through visualization, it brings about quicker results.

In intention, we can apply the Universal Law of Transmutation of Energy. Most of the time we are healing things that we no longer want in our lives, but in order to facilitate this we must also know what we DO want and transmute all that is no longer needed. Focusing on the positive aspects of your transformation is important.

Law of Relativity states that whatever we think and believe is projected back at us. Knowing this it is important to help assist the client in feeling empowered and confident in their abilities to manifest their own healing to a state of I AM HEALED.

Where we focus our attention is what we give power to. Power of focused intention shows humans how incredibly powerful they are and right now is the beginning of anything we want.

Sit in a quiet space with yourself in a loving way to look deep within. Going deeper with intention to the deepest level of truth before the session begins, receives the deepest level of healing.

Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be? Every experience shapes the existence of our BEing. It is our human conditioning that creates the resistances and fear that keeps us from becoming our authentic highest self. We were born free. Tap into who that person is, before the conditioning took over. What is holding you back from transforming into who you were born to be?

All things are possible. Who you are is limited by who you think you are”

Egyptian proverb

If you turned off all the external sources of information and removed all the subconscious programming you’ve received, where would your sacred heart guide your awareness? Choose to dissolve the beliefs of the programming and let go of the experiences that no longer serve who you want to be. Choose to be seen for who you really are. Choose to be authentic, express yourself, lay down your shield and feel safe to be seen.

Intentions do not have to be limited. If you can imagine it in your mind, you can experience it in your reality.

Intentions compressed into words enfold magical power”

Deepak Chopra

Awaken to the knowing that you got you, you always have, YOU ARE the Divine Power you have been looking for. Our healing depends on our own willingness and desire to heal ourselves. Let loving yourself become natural and self-discovery joyful.

Intentions continue to guide AFTER the Kambo experience. An intention becomes your way of life and is heart driven. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable from a place of loving know that there is no right or wrong on our journey. Surrender to forgiveness to all things done to us and done by us. Intentions will be the focus during the ceremony and the truth of where we will direct our life.

The Universal Law of Correspondence says that patterns repeat themselves and the key is to recognize these patterns in our own lives for transformation and growth. Identifying or catching the patterns gives us the opportunity to take action towards continuing with positive patterns or changing the patterns that are no longer working for us. Doing this will support us on our journey of becoming the highest version of ourselves. The most growth occurs during the most uncomfortable moments. That’s when we step into our power and realize how much we are capable of. That is, anything and everything. The time of fear and avoidance is ending. Courage, acceptance, and love is the new beginning.

Intentions are feeling work. Here are some examples of questions to ask yourself:

  • What do I need to heal?
  • What is holding me back from progressing in my life?
  • What am I asking to receive?
  • What no longer serves me?
  • What am I afraid of?
  • What am I holding onto?
  • When have I lost/when did I lose my power?
  • What predominant emotion are you feeling stuck in?
  • What do you have to give up, to have what you want? (Behaviors, relationships, diet, patterns.)
  • Emotional, energetic, physical, mental, spiritual?
  • How are you resisting your own healing?
  • How are you getting in your own way and how does this manifest in your life?
  • What does my heart call for/ache for?
  • What do I want to create?
  • What is most important to me?
  • How can I serve from my highest self?
  • What am I grateful for?

Doing the emotional work prior to the ceremony delivers and nurtures the depth of our intentions. Kambo goes to the source and opens the path for you to do your work. FOCUS.



The Universal Law of Vibration states that everything is vibrating at a specific frequency and like attracts like. So in order to facilitate changes in your life you need to alter our frequency and by doing so we will attract a new vibration. One of the simplest ways to alter our frequency is through breath work. In doing so, we can reach a state of clarity and higher vibration in the moments before, during, and after Kambo.

Your state of mind will always define the experience. If someone is tired and just wants to go home and sleep, they are coming from a place where they just want to get it over with and the experience wouldn’t be as satisfying if they were well rested, and prepared for the day.


The Universal Law of Inspired Action that states that in order for our intentions to manifest we must take action towards making those intentions a reality in our physical world. Your actions must match your intentions and when your actions and intentions are aligned the possibility for instant manifestation arises. So the Physical preparation in the 3 days prior to Kambo are important in helping get  in the right state of mind physically and energetically. The denser the things we put into our bodies, the denser we feel and the lighter we eat the lighter we feel, energetically. This goes for the environmental factors we are exposing ourselves to as well such as people, places, things, behaviors, habits, or even music that can be energetically draining.

Expectation is the strong belief of what is to happen. Since the only thing we can truly control is our thoughts and the way we perceive things, setting ourselves up for external expectations, which are completely out of our control, is a definite way of setting ourselves up for disappointments which are lower vibrating energies.


Grounding is a way of making us feel connected, more specifically connecting with Mother Earth. In science it is the term that explains how the electrical charges of the earth have positive effects on the body. Research finds that Grounding enhances the immune system, tissue healing, feelings of well being, and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects on the body. Energetically grounding supports feelings of safety, being present, and connectedness. Grounding can come from various sources such as breath work, mapacho, and meditation, focusing on sounds around us, a talisman, or other items. 

Gratitude.  Emotions are energy in motion and each emotion carries with it a specific energetic frequency. Elevated emotions such as love and gratitude are much higher energetic states than stress and fear. Coming from a place of gratitude for the medicine and love for ourselves is one of the best ways to keep a positive mindset and energetically align with our intentions during the Kambo Ceremony.


The Universal Law of One states that everything in this Universe is connected.  Every human being, every living animal, every tree, rock and even the ground we walk on is all connected to what we call the universe. So expressing gratitude for all the things that have aligned to get us here including the discovery, the people, the frog, and its medicine reflects self love and also honors our self in the process of our healing.

It is said that when we give thanks now for what was, what is, and what will be, we are energetically attracting our intentions into our reality.

Surrender.  What we resist persists. Avoiding fear and resisting the confrontation of painful experiences prolong unnecessary suffering. There is no getting around and the only way to, is through. When you give up control, you pave the way to a more relaxed state and allow spirit to take over. Human programming creates resistances; surrender allows all the things that must happen, come as they must and we enter a “flow” to a higher state of BEing. Accept the process, and allow the Kambo to work with your body, mind, and spirit, because you chose this.

Whenever we have the courage to step out of our comfort zones, The Universe sees it as an honorable choice and will send us more support. Trust the process. More importantly Trust yourself.

“Let go of what was, surrender to what is, and believe in what will be”

Where you place your attention is where you place your energy. So if we are thinking about all the things we have to do after the ceremony such as running errands and going back to work, these thoughts are going to take away some of the magic of the experience, which is why preparation is important.