For best results Kambo preparation should begin 3 days before, although not absolutely necessary it is recommended to enhance the experience.


3 days prior

Avoid excessive fasting and colonics

Eat at wholesome as possible, preferably a raw vegetarian diet. Avoiding meats, dairy, canned goods, fried, processed or heavy foods

Avoid recreational drugs, alcohol

Avoid supplements and herbal medicines, to give your gut a rest and avoid potential interactions

Sexual fasting to preserve your life force energy and keep it as clear as possible

Reduce the amount of toxic exposure physically, mentally, energetically (people, places, things, media, music, food, etc…)

Day of Cermemony

Complete Fasting of ALL food 10-12 hours before ceremony drinking only water to hydrate.

NO caffeine or Nicotine or anything that stimulates your heart rate

Alkaline water with electrolytes is best on this day. Right before ceremony you will drink 1-2L of regular water.

What to Bring

  • Wear comfortable clothing, with easy access to treatment areas (i.e. sleeveless tops)
  • Extra clothes, just in case of accidents
  • Bring a large water bottle with room temperature regular water
  • Hair tie for your hair, if it’s long enough
  • Inhaler if you use one and Insulin, testing strips, and glucose if you are diabetic
  • Blanket or sweater if you get cold afterward
  • Snacks to eat afterwards if you are hungry


are you prepared

Are you prepared for your ceremony or want to discuss more about Kambo, contact me for more information.