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Me - Trauma ICU RN

Hi I am Adrienne, I have been a Surgical Trauma ICU RN since 2009. In 2019 I started feel a shift within myself and the Journey of Remembrance to the embodiment of the authentic me began. During this time I started to see how much in the hospitals we would treat patients symptoms without addressing the cause. I shifted my nursing care to focus more on the causes of the symptoms and something still didn’t feel right. I started see so much more within humanity that the limited knowledge of science could not explain.

As I began my own healing journey I began to realize and believe that all disease can be traced back to energetic blockages caused by the attachments to fear, false beliefs, obsessive thoughts, and repressed emotions manifested in physical form. 
“Your body is an emotional filter and bears the unmistakable marks of your prevalent emotions. Emotional disturbances, especially suppressed emotions, are the causes of all disease. To feel intensely about a wrong without voicing or expressing that feeling, is the beginning of disease-dis-ease. -in both body and environment. Do not entertain the feeling of regret or failure for frustration or detachment from your objective results in
disease.” -Neville Goddard
I was first introduced to Kambo in January 2021, a spiritual friend @hypno__goddess recommended it as I was on my own self healing journey. I went to a session open-minded, but skeptical.

After my session the results were profound. I was at the studio to do some emotional healing and ended up with some pretty profound physical effects. My body


was immediately aligned and in control of what was going into it and the energy around it. I became a vegan right after my first session and the only water my body wanted was natural volcanic water filtered out by the earth and not man made filtered water. This all coming from someone who only drank tap water their whole life.

I was a believer in the medicine after my first session, however the delivery of the medicine didn’t feel right. I felt the facilitator was disconnected and perceived the energy as just a job to get over with as the medicine was just placed on person after person without pause, intention, or what I perceived as lack of connection to the process or the clients; very robotic. I was asked how much medicine, when I knew nothing about it, and left guessing without guidance. So I went on a journey to find what felt right. I went to several other Kambo Practitioners some of the most inspiring and amazing people I have had the pleasure of meeting, but something still didn’t feel right for me. Eventually, after my 7th month journey of searching for a connection I decided I was going to go straight to the source and learn about the medicine in Peru for myself.
Through a series of profound synchronicities I was aligned with Rainforest Healing Center and my calling to become facilitator was solidified. 

Today here I am helping others heal themselves by means of true healing from the inside out. True healing comes from you. No one can heal you unless you are willing to heal yourself. When you are ready, healers are there to support you, but all the power comes from YOU. All things outside of yourself is only there to support you. Together we are getting to the source before major illness and dis-ease manifests itself and also targeting the existing diseases with Living Raw Earth Medicine. 

~70% of pharmaceuticals are derived from nature and by the time the product reaches the human it has been overly processed, and is no longer living. With western medicine we are treating symptoms with dead medicines causing the body to try figure out how to make it work and you eventually develop tolerance. Ancient plant and animal medicines have the benefit of being biologically ALIVE. When introduced into the human body the bio active effects work with your body to fight off disease and activate and enhance your natural abilities to heal yourself.

I am connected to Kambo and deeply believe in the medicine and I believe in you. Thank you for letting me be part of your healing journey as you transform into your highest empowered self.

And so it is.